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Kim Carter holds a B.Ed. in Adult Education from Brock University, M.A. in Leadership from the Lang School of Business & Economics, University of Guelph, and Empowered Educator credential from eCampus Ontario.

Kim is a Professor in The Business School at Conestoga College ITAL in Kitchener, Ontario. Prior to teaching, she worked in a variety of front-line health office administration roles in hospitals.

Influenced by education leaders like bell hooks and Stephen Brookfield caring for students through their education journey is at the core of her practice. While new to OPEN education, it has become a passion to pursue and led to the collaboration project and recent publishing of  Building a Medical Terminology Foundation.

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Ontario Extend mOOC

Ontario Extend mOOC
In January of 2019 I embarked on a new adventure with eCampus Ontario through the Ontario Extend mOOC. Through this adventure I became an empowered educator and the experience was transformational. I started out thinking I would try one module, finished the entire MOOC and earned my empowered educator badge. Read about my MOOC activities and reflections.

Empowered Educator Badge